Casinos Online

There are many different online casinos today, so it can be confusing when you are trying to decide which one to download and play at. Well, before you go any further, here are a few things you should know.

Online Casino Software:

There are a few companies that actually make the games you can play. They make the slot machines, and the video pokers. Some of these companies include: microgaming, playtech, and other names you will see on this website.

These software companies then liscence (or rent) the casino games to a company that operates the casino. That is why you can visit Aztec Riches and Crazy Vegas, only to find out they offer basically the same games.

Now, these casinos are not exactly the same. When you deposit money at Crazy Vegas, you are depositing it with them alone. They provide their own casino bonuses. They run their own players rewards program, host their own slots tournaments, run their own contests. It is the customer service that separates one casino from another when both use the same software.

Also, not every casino has as many, or the same games as another casino. Even if they are using the same software. Colosseum Casino offers 183 games. If another microgaming casino offers 112, well, obviously Colosseum Casino will have some slots or table games that you won’t be able to find at another microgaming with less games.

But, the two casinos do choose from the same list of games, one just carries more of them.

So, if you are looking for completely different games download casinos that use different softwares. If you like the games at a casino, but want more bonus money, download a second casino that uses the same software.

Casino Bonuses:

Every casino online offers a welcome bonus for their new players. Many offer fantastic bonuses, like deposit $50 and receive $150 free. So, how do they do this, and what is the catch?

There are terms and conditions on every bonus, and they vary drastically from casino to casino. So, bothersome as it might be, read the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Key points to look for include wagering requirements. No casino that plans to stay in business will simply give you free money, and let you cash it out without even putting it into play. The bonuses are offered so players can have a longer gaming session, and perhaps increase their chances of winning. So, the casinos set up wagering requirements. Often you must wager the deposit you made at the casino, plus the bonus money, a certain amount of times. So, if the requirement is (Bonus + Deposit) x 5, if your bonus and deposit total $100, you must make $500 in wagers before cashing out the bonus money.

There was a period of time when the online casinos were first starting when many players took advantage of low wagering requirements and cashed out a lot of the bonus money casinos awarded. This was called bonus hunting, and if you were a disciplined player, you could make a lot of money hunting bonuses. Now, the casinos have come up with terms and conditions to protect themselves aginst that practice.

The second point to look for in the T&C are excluded games. Some games offer such great odds to the player (like when a player bets both red and black in roulette), that the casino will not count play on that game towards the bonus wagering requirement. The excluded games vary greatly from casino to casino. Some casinos realize that good blackjack players can play for days and never lose as much bonus money as the casino gives them. So, some casinos do not allow blackjack as part of a wagering requirement. The same happens with video poker.

The moral: If you plan to cash out your bonus money, read the terms and conditions. And one last quick note, every casino loves slots players. If you don’t feel like worrying about the small print, just play the slots. I haven’t found a casino online that doesn’t count slot machine play towards the wagering requirements.

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