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Vote for Lili / Szavazzatok Lilire

Glamour Lili

The Hungarian readers of Glamour Magazine nominated me and 4 other amazing women to be Actress of 2014!

Please vote for me here: http://www.glamouronline.hu/nyeremenyjatek/41

It's all in Hungarian, but pretty simple. For the phone number, just enter anything for now. You will be notified of prizes won via your e-mail address. Thank you for your support! Happy New Year!

Köszönöm a Glamour olvasóinak, hogy jelöltek az Év Szinésznőjének!

Kérlek, szavazzatok rám!


Live :-)

Tune in to www.loungelive.com tonight!  Thanks Jen, Bryant, Todd, Jace, and all the great people at HD films!