About Lili

Human connection is the most valuable commodity. I believe an act of kindness is a reward unto itself. I am light but strong. My empathy is boundless but I’ve learned to build boundaries. These have shaped my character. I bring truth and life to my roles. I explore their childhood and their subconscious urges and revel in the humor implicit in the ironies and coincidences of life. I am a collaborator, a clown, and a chameleon. Let’s tell some great stories together!

Lili Bordan was born in New York City to Hungarian immigrant parents. She grew up speaking English at school and Hungarian at home, and picked up French along the way. Lili is a trained dancer and singer and has a great ear for languages, having acted in several of them, and a knack for accents including British (various classes and regions), Russian (and basically anything Slavic), German, French and Italian.

Lili studied Theater alongside philosophy, history and literature at Sarah Lawrence College. Her most influential teachers besides her mother, celebrated Hungarian actress Iren Bordan, were Susan Batson, Sandra Seacat, and the late Charlie Laughton.

Lili frequently films in Europe, and spends most of her time working out to of Los Angeles.


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